This week's Bad Plastics News Roundup

by Nick

Nestlé Water Replacing Larger Plastic Jugs with BPA

BPA has traditionally been found in the company's three- and five-gallon plastic jugs (marked with a “7” in the recycling logo) that are popular in offices and homes. All smaller plastic bottles (marked with a “1” or “2”) are free of ...

Yet Another Strike Against BPA

The study clearly connects the dots between BPA and its effect on adult male sperm. Who knows how years of exposure, even at the low levels most of us encounter, will damage our bodies in the long term or whether any of these ...

Canada bans phthalates in children's products | MNN - Mother ...

Canada joins Europe and the U.S. in banning the known toxins from children's toys and products.

Phthalates - Reducing Children's Exposure

New regulations will restrict use of six phthalates in toys and child care articles in order to limit exposure to children and infants.

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