Disclaimer: As the editor of this site, I am a researcher and writer, not a medical or scientific professional.

Keep that in mind.

In writing this site, I have done my best to work with the most reliable information available on this topic, but you may want to read some other points of view elsewhere, and draw your own conclusions.

Am I being totally objective throughout? Probably not.

My personal belief is that corporations and their lobbyists do a good job of painting a picture to suit their own purposes. There are certainly some websites out there, created by industry associations, which, in my view, sugar-coat the whole issue. Their job is to discourage discussion on these important topics and protect the profits of the companies they represent.

I take the view that our primary concern should be to protect the health of our children - as soon as there is reasonable evidence to support the view that certain chemicals in our homes are potentially harmful.

When it comes to harmful chemicals in plastics, the body of evidence has gone way beyond the ‘reasonable’ stage.

BPA, PVC and Phthalates are toxic, and we should protect our children accordingly.

That’s my view. Keep reading on this topic and make up your own mind.

Nick Usborne


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