Reduce your baby’s exposure to BPA - with BPA-free baby bottles, cups, teethers and toys.

bpa free baby bottles

We all know one thing about babies – they love to put things in their mouths and either suck or chew. It’s part of how they explore their world.

They suck on their baby bottles, and then their sippy cups. They chew on their teethers, feeding spoons and small toys.

So as parents, it’s only natural that we wonder about the safety of all those plastics they put in their mouths.

Chief among the chemicals of concern is BPA.

In recent weeks and months the debate over BPA has been heating up, particularly in North America.

At both the national and the state or provincial level, things are coming to a head between the chemical companies who want to preserve their profits, scientists who learn more and more about the dangers of BPA, and bureaucrats who aren’t sure who they should be listening to.

But as parents, we shouldn’t and can’t wait for that debate to reach its conclusion.

It’s enough for us to know there are now hundreds of scientific studies pointing to a connection between BPA and serious adverse health effects.

The danger to babies is magnified by the fact that they spend so much time with plastics in their mouths, and because they are at such an early stage of development.

Bottom line, if you do nothing else to remove toxic plastics from your home, you should at least ensure that everything your baby touches is BPA-free.

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