The Natural Resources Defense Council sues the FDA over bisphenol A (BPA).

by Nick

FDA under fire over BPA

FDA under fire over BPA

I love it when individuals or advocacy groups take direct action. So I was delighted to read this article in today’s San Francisco Chronicle.

On Tuesday June 29th, the Natural Resources Defense Council filed a lawsuit arguing that the FDA is guilty of allowing millions of Americans to be exposed to the damaging effect of BPA.

"More research is always welcome and interesting, but at some point you have to say, 'We know enough,' and take action. We've reached that point," said Sarah Janssen, senior scientist at the NRDC's Environment and Public Health program in San Francisco.

Hopefully this will ramp up the attention being given to BPA, and result in its removal from all household plastics. Not to mention the BPA exposure we suffer through handling plastics in our cars, offices and stores.

Government has waited too long. And the American Chemistry Council has willfully misled us for too long. It’s time to take this to the courts, and I applaud the NRDC for doing just that.

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