The EPA is going to take a closer look at BPA in plastics, and in the environment.

by Nick

Interesting article in The New York Times today.

First, it is good to see that they are following the FDAs lead, and taking the risks associated with BPA more seriously.

More interestingly, they are looking beyond the use of BPA in plastics and are set to study the impact of BPA on the environment, including our drinking water.

Here is a quote from the article.

"The agency will require new studies of concentrations of the plastic in surface water, groundwater and drinking water to determine where it exists in levels requiring action. More than a million pounds of the chemical, used to harden plastics, are released into the environment each year, the agency said."

If they find enough BPA in the environment to cause them concern, that will almost certainly translate into far greater concerns about BPA levels in our homes.

It is in the plastics in our homes that those million pounds of BPA can be found, before they are sent to the landfill.

Read the full article here...

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