Study finds link between phthalates and the symptoms of ADHD.

by Nick

This story appeared in Science Daily back in November, but it doesn’t appear to have received the exposure it deserves.

In a report by Korean scientists published in Biological Psychiatry, their findings give us one more important reason to be concerned about phthalates.

Based on the testing of urine samples, the scientists found a significant positive association between phthalates exposure and ADHD.

The study isn’t suggesting that phthalates cause ADHD, but that the higher the concentration of phthalates metabolites in the urine of test subjects with ADHD, the worse the symptoms.

Doubtless other studies will follow. But based on this study alone, and the importance of our children’s minds – and futures – there is reason enough here to start minimizing exposure to phthalates from all sources.

You can read the full article here:

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