Senate defeats bill banning BPA in baby products.

by Nick

Oh dear. Here is new news from Sacramento, California.

"The state Senate has defeated a bill that sought to ban the chemical bisphenol A from plastic baby bottles, sippy cups and baby formula containers."

Why would they do such a thing?

Is it because BPA is safe for children aged 3 and under? Of course not.

BPA is banned in products for that age group in 7 U.S. states already. And in Canada. And in the European Union.

The bill didn’t fail because it wasn’t a good and necessary bill. The reason it failed was almost certainly to do with pressure being applied by corporate interests.

Of all political systems, the U.S. system is perhaps the most vulnerable to outside pressure from special interest groups and lobbyists who work hard on behalf of their corporate clients.

It is unfortunate that these companies and their representatives are allowed to have such influence over democratically elected public figures.

We vote for the people who represent us at all levels of government. But we don’t vote for lobbyists, and their activities shouldn’t be allowed to sway the opinions and decisions of the people we do vote for.

But this has been the story of toxic chemicals in plastics from the beginning.

One group of people are trying to protect the health of our children.

The other group is working hard to prevent this from happening, and to maintain the profits of their clients.

If you, your company or your organization fall within this second group, shame on you.

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