Food safety bill's ban on BPA is being resisted by big business.

by Nick

This article in the Washington Post does a good job describing the opposing forces in the debate over the use of BPA in plastic food packaging, bottles and in the lining of cans.

As it says, "More than 200 studies have connected BPA to a range of health concerns, including cancer and developmental and reproductive problems."

But businesses which would be impacted by legislation designed to protect us from exposure to BPA are fighting back.

"We will not support food safety legislation that bans or phases out BPA from any food and beverage container," said Scott Faber, vice president for federal affairs for the Grocery Manufacturers Association, which represents food companies and retailers."

It's not surprising to see food industry groups finding back, but it is nevertheless discouraging to see them put their own profits ahead of the health of their customers.

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