Bad Plastics Weekly News Roundup, February 15th.

by Nick

A mixed bag this week...with continuing concerns over the safety of BPA, a well-balanced article from Huffington Post, and a very disturbing photo in the "Avoid Plastics" post.

Bisphenol-A Poisons Pregnant Women — and Everyone Else, Too ...

Researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health and six other institutions recently studied women's bisphenol-A (BPA) levels during pregnancy. BPA is a hormone-disrupting chemical that's found in everything from credit card receipts ...

Maria Rodale: Is Plastic Really That Bad?

by guest blogger Emily Main, online editor, I'm three days in to my plastic-free week for, and despite the title of this blog post, I'm not giving up yet, I promise.

Bills Look To Expand Ban On BPA - Politics News Story - WBAL Baltimore

ANNAPOLIS, Md. -- State lawmakers banned the chemical bisphenal-A, or BPA, from children's sippy cups and baby bottles last year, and now they want to go even further by banning it in children's food containers.

Tip for the day: Avoid Plastic

I'm pretty sure at this point every one's heard the term "BPA" thrown around, that it's a bad plastic, etc. Unfortunately that's all most people know. So they buy the plastic dishes ans sippys labeled "BPA Free" and think every thing's ...

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