Bad BPA: Feedback from the chemical industry, and others.

by Nick

Interesting piece in today’s New York Times. It comprises letters to the editor in response to an earlier article about the FDA’s shift in position regarding the harmful effects of BPA.

The first letter is from the American Chemistry Council. Anyone who has been following the topic of BPA over the years could pretty much anticipate exactly what that letter would say.

The council doesn’t disappoint.

They are still sticking to the same position, stating, and I quote, “In fact, scientific reviews from regulators around the world have confirmed that exposures to BPA are very low, and that such low doses present little to no risk to human health.”

That reminds me of the old print ads promoting DDT, with the headline, “DDT is good for me-e-e!”

Thankfully, the other letters to the editor take a saner view.

As for Mr. Steve Russell, the VP who signed the letter from the American Chemistry Council, I wonder what his position is at home with his own family. I wonder if, when buying a baby bottle for his own infant, he chooses a BPA-free bottle.

You can read the full piece here:

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