Article on the less well-known sources of BPA in our homes.

by Nick

Writing for the Huffington Post, Jennifer Grayson has written a couple of interesting pieces on the less-known sources of BPA in our homes and workplaces.

We hear about BPA in baby bottles and water bottles all the time. In her articles Jennifer adds to that list with items like: cans of soup, pizza boxes, store receipts, dental sealants and more.

Here is what she says about soups:

“Swap out your soup. A recent Consumer Reports test found BPA in 19 name-brand foods; the highest levels were in canned soup, including Campbell's chicken noodle -- not the therapeutic effect you want for someone fighting off a cold. I've since switched to Dr. McDougall's BPA-free soups packaged in FSC-certified cartons, or I make my own from scratch.”

It is great that there has been a lot more media coverage recently on the topic of BPA. And it is gratifying that some state governments are taking steps to get BPA out of products that are used by children under the age of 3. But as Jennifer points out, those products represent just the tip of the iceberg.

BPA is all around us, and sometimes in the most unexpected of places.

Read the first of her two articles here...

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