A mom speaks to the U.S. Senate about toxic chemicals.

by Nick

Interesting piece in today’s Seattle PostGlobe.

Molly Gray of Seattle was one of a number of people testifying in front of the Senate. Among others, she was demanding that “safe unless proven harmful” was not good enough when it comes to toxic chemicals.

This wasn’t just about chemicals like BPA and phthalates in plastics, but covered the complete range of dangerous chemicals that contribute to our body burden.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

"I am disappointed," Gray said, "that toxic chemicals like the ones found in my body in pregnancy are in our environment, our personal-care products, our clothes, our furniture, our baby toys, and our food. Babies deserve to grow and develop in a healthy environment, in utero and out. But babies are born everyday already exposed to toxins linked to serious health problems. Safe until proven harmful is not good enough for my baby or me. I want our country to value the lives of its children the same way I value and love my son. It will take time to rid our population of this burden on our bodies -- we need to start now."

The takeaway quote, which will probably be repeated often – and quite rightly so – is “Safe until proven harmful is not good enough for my baby or me.”

Read the full article here...

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